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 Paris.The rain has passed.
Paris.The rain has passed. 2015 oil, canvas 50x70
Florence 2011 oil, canvas 60x100
Taganka 2016 oil, canvas 35х70
Paris.The rain has passed.FlorenceTaganka
Autumn in Paris.
Autumn in Paris. 2014 oil, canvas 70x60
View from Calle Tetta.
View from Calle Tetta. 2014 oil, canvas 35x25
Arbat lanes. Winter
Arbat lanes. Winter 2016 холст масло 50х40
Autumn in Paris.View from Calle Tetta.Arbat lanes. Winter
Over the quiet water.
Over the quiet water. 2013 oil, canvas 35x30
Winter day.
Winter day. 2004 oil, canvas 25x35
Evening shadows.
Evening shadows. 2004 oil, canvas 18x24
Over the quiet water.Winter day.Evening shadows.
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